The Great Wall of Obama

After the ex-IRS Commissioner dodged his way through his Congressional Hearing Friday, Congressional Select Committees are all but certain to be convened to investigate the IRS scandal.  We could also see a House Select Committee on Benghazi.  It’s still too early to tell what will happen with the AP scandal.

What we can be sure of is that in all three scandals, the Obama Administration will be in full stonewall mode.  Straw man arguments, red herrings, and sacrificial lambs are already being plotted out to protect the Obama Administration like the fabled wall in Northern China once protected the Qin and Ming Dynasties.  The odds that this administration will be fully cooperative in any of these investigations are slightly worse than my odds of hitting the big lotto jackpot this weekend.

The worst part of all is that the IRS scandal likely has criminal implications, and direct connections to White House personnel and/or Obama’s campaign team.  An independent counsel could connect the dots fairly quickly, however, that would require AG Holder to appoint a special prosecutor.  The odds of that happening are slightly worse than my odds of hitting the big lotto jackpot, being struck by lightning, mauled by a rabid wolverine, and getting married to Mila Kunis in a Vegas chapel wedding before midnight Sunday.

At this point, we know that on Benghazi, President Obama was briefed and then immediately “retired” for the evening, supposedly giving orders that, “everything be done to save lives.”  We know that no one called the Libyan PM to allow rescue assets to enter Libyan airspace.  We know that personnel prepared to attempt a rescue in Benghazi were told to stand down.  We know that security at the Benghazi consulate was inadequate by the State Department’s own regulations.  And we know that the government deliberately lied to the American public about the attack being carried out by coordinated terrorists.  Eight months later, we still have no clear answers or evidence on who ordered any of this.

On the IRS scandal, we know that Tea Party groups, religious groups, and possibly individuals who dared to speak out against the administration were targeted.  If people that were reported to the [email protected] account were indeed targeted by the IRS, then the scandal leads directly to Pres. Obama’s inner circle.

It is highly unlikely that there will be special prosecutors appointed for any of these scandals.  The president and AG are both long-time students of constitutional law. They did not study law for the purpose of upholding it, but instead to know precisely how to circumvent it.  Obama taught this philosophy at the University of Chicago.  Both men know that as long as there is no independent counsel, there is little likelihood that anyone goes to jail, nor will they be forced to turn over evidence that would incriminate the White House.  Even if a Select Committee was to subpoena incriminating information, and the White House refused to turn it over, AG Holder would still be in charge of holding people in contempt, which he won’t.

As time goes on, assuming outrage continues to fester, the administration will be crippled.  Look at this as President Obama’s hurricane Katrina moment.  When the Bush administration was blamed for the government response to Katrina in New Orleans, Pres. Bush essentially became a lame-duck for the remainder of his term, and his approval rating never recovered.  Obama will likely suffer the same fate, even if his political ending should look more like that of Richard Nixon.

No one who takes an objective look at just the IRS scandal wouldn’t at least come away with the suspicion that the White House is involved in some fashion.  We will likely never see any evidence to that fact, however, if it does indeed exist.  Even the most conspiracy theory-averse person has to wonder, when actually faced with all of the scandals surrounding this administration, and our seeming inability to force the truth to be presented, combined with so many Americans seeming to have news ADD, if it isn’t time to admit that the people no longer have control over the power of the federal government.  Since most people today pay no attention to the actions of the government, it doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.


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