Everything is IIluminated

 This past election has illuminated the beliefs of those who are close to us.  Many of our friends, associates and employees have shown Obama buttons on their jackets, Obama stickers on their cars and Obama signs in their front yards.  By these actions they have told us they believe individuals do not own the product of their industry.  The problem is if a person does not own the product of their industry they are a slave.  These so called friends are willing to enslave others to their benefit.  These people are not the friends of those who love freedom.  If a friend or neighbor displayed their support for Obama, they are not your friend.  Distance yourself from them.  If an associate displayed support for Obama, discourage their careers and encourage the careers of those who believe in freedom.  If an employee no matter how gifted, gave their support to Obama replace them.  Soon there will be many gifted employees that love freedom who will be willing to take their place. Those who believe they own the product of their industry are the people who drive this economy.  We are the ones who produce the goods and services needed for the people to have life abundant.  Those who would enslave us need to have a taste of what is to come.  The day will come and will soon be here when those who love freedom will look to themselves and stop producing.  One more thing, no more tipping.