Reviewing Q1

With the 2nd quarter of 2010 having just come to a close, and the quarterly PAC reports due out in a couple weeks, I thought it would be good to look over the Q1 numbers for the PACs of the “leading” GOP contenders – especially those who are involved in helping fund candidates across the nation for the 2010 elections.

Here’s the overall Q1 numbers for Sarah PAC (Sarah Palin), Huck PAC (Mike Huckabee), Freedom First PAC (Tim Pawlenty) and Free and Strong America PAC (Mitt Romney). In a couple weeks, I’ll post the Q2 numbers for comparison.

PAC Q1 numbers

Below is the list of Q1 contributions made by each PAC to candidates for federal office.

Sarah PAC

Huck PAC

Freedom First PAC

Free and Strong America PAC