Seeds of Hate always grow into a nightmare.

Not too long ago Mitt Romney visited South Carolina.  The Primary race was on and Mitt ran into a Red State that was not thinking with it’s head, but with it’s hate.  “The Mormon” came to town and brought with him a resume filled with fiscal success.  The bash was on.  Vitriol against a man of faith, passion, and a strength of purpose came in not first, second, or even third in the vote.  South Carolina was just the beginning of the woes that afflict our current economic situation.  Mr. Romney may not have defeated the rolling strength and ‘American Idol’ popularity of Mr. Obama at that last election, but the budgetary economics of Mr. Romney just might have sent a message that the United States of America needed to hear in order to help prepare them for the clarity of disaster that our President has now brought to our country.  Those seeds of hate, persecution of a man based on his chosen faith, and prejudice bred from ignorance, just might be a portion of the formula that has led to our existing circumstance.  There is a way out of the disaster of our economy.  The world is showing a spark, a tunnels light, a way back to growth, but it will be necessary to put away the spectre of self destructing hate that often consumes our direction.  We will have another election and it appears that we just might have another ‘South Carolina’ where voters and politicians concentrate on ‘The Mormon’ rather than the message.  If that is so, our debate will lead yet to another encircling passion of name calling and hatespeach while others of differing opinion will seem to be the voices of reason.  Nobody likes hate.  Seeds of hate always grow into a nightmare…. and what a nightmare we have made for ourselves.