Showdown between Tea Parties vs Pro-Lifers?

With Tea Party Insurgents giving Establishment candidates heartburn, the Establishment is hoping to an old ally would give them political salvation in the primaries: the Pro-life movement.

While insurgent candidates like Chuck De Vore, Danny Tarkanian, Mark Sutzman, and Ken Buck have courted the Tea Parties,  Establishment types like Dan Coats, Carly Fiorina, Sue Lowden, and Jane Norton ran to pro-life groups like the Susan B Anthony List and James Dobson in hopes of blunting the impact of the Tea Parties.  Historically, pro-life groups and the Religious Right have decided GOP primaries.  The Tea Parties are too fresh to make a prediction on how big an impact it will be in a few years.  In fact, if Charlie Crist made appeals to the pro-life groups in FL instead of shunning them, the FL primary would have been much more competitive.  Thus, it is smart of the Establishment to do so.