CPAC Response

I listened intently to the top three candidates’ speeches at CPAC 2012. And here is my humble summation.

I must say that Rick Santorum brought a fire-in-the-belly speech that excited the crowd and displayed great potential to the forefront of his run to the White House. I listened further but only heard a few solutions and many general promises.

I listened to Mitt Romney tell us how he was a severly conservative candidate in an indigo state. I was not impressed and he proved to me once and for all that he is not conservative at heart. And with tepid response from the crowd I don’t think he convinced them of his severly conservative stance either. There were no solutions presented only a promise to eliminate Obamacare. I wasn’t convinced that that would happen either.

Then I listened to Newt Gingrich and I felt like I was listening to someone in-tune with my ideology. The same ideology that is imbedded in our Constitution. Newt was filled with specific solutions that need to happen. He promised that before the end of the day of his inauguration that 40% of Obama’s failed policies would be wiped off the annals of American politics. He spoke of defeat of the liberal control of the bureaucracies and courts. He spoke like someone I would be proud to be my President; someone who would make me proud of my country’s government again. He truly reminded me of Reagan.

I know that the polls have turned against Newt but that is because of the lies that have come from the Romney organization. I was quite alive and knowledgable in what was taking place during the years that Reagan lead our country, and even more so while Newt was Speaker of the House. What is being spewed forth by those in the Republican establishment is just like what was being spewed forth from the liberals about Reagan and George W Bush. For Bob Dole and John McCain to claim that it is someone’s turn to be the nominee is evidence that they don’t care about We the People. Since Conservative America lost to both the democrats facing these two Rinos should we heed their words? I say yes, heed their words and pick someone else.

I have my candidate for 2012 and that is Newt Gingrich (just like I had my candidate back in 1980) regardless of the (R) establishment’s edict.