Ron Paul's Lack of Military Support

I have long been tired of the Paulbot meme that he receives most of the support among military affiliated donators. Looking at the despicable display of an Army Reserve Soldier at the Ron Paul rally in Iowa was the last straw for me. It was disgraceful to the uniform and embarrassing to me a service member.

First off Iowa and New Hampshire lack a large military presence. South Carolina and Florida do not (hint hint, I will follow up on this after Florida). Here’s the South Carolina active military population:

Ft. Jackson (Columbia, Richland County): 4,000 active military (Note: Ft. Jackson is largely a training base with transients who do not have SC voting privileges).

Joint Base Charleston (Charleston, Charleston County): 7,000 USAF Active and Reserve personnel; 11,500 US Navy and contract personnel supporting former Naval Weapons Station Charleston.

Marine Corps Bases(Beaufort, Beaufort County): 4,000 USMC at MCAS Beaufort & 2,500 Marines and Sailors at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot-Beaufort.
This is a rough total of 29,000 active military personnel in South Carolina from all branches of the service (minus Coast Guard). As of this time is a safe bet to say Congressman Paul lost the primary with approximately 13% of the vote. Respectable under most circumstances and he certainly has his support. What I want to point out is Ron Paul’s percentages in the above counties is an average of 13.1%. Adding in Aiken County (neighbors Ft. Gordon in Augusta, GA) it lowers to 12.3%. Fact is Congressman Paul never got above 20% in any county other than Abbeville County and then he only lead Romney by 130 votes.

Let me state this clearly: there is no definitive proof that Ron Paul’s alleged military support translates to actual donations or votes among active military personnel or even affiliated personnel. How do I justify that statement versus the balance sheets released by the Paul campaign? Easy, I’ve been active military since Paul has been running for the Presidency and have yet to come across a single supporter. Only recently did I find one former Soldier who was a Paul supporter and he was on Twitter. I won’t lie, I see the appeal that his message has with families and some service members: the message of appeasement appeals to those who love us and to those of us who want to ride behind the oceans. Frankly I’d call them the ill-informed and ignorant of world affairs.

Another likely scenario is Ron Paul’s supporters are jamming the donation boxes with false statements about who their employers are. If you’ve donated to any campaign you know that you can put down anything in the “occupation” box. I’m sure Ron Paul also leads in donations among people who work for Starfleet Command.

So there is is.