Egypt? Muslim Brotherhood? Eh, So What?

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness

– Declaration of Independence

These words mean a lot to Americans. They should, they spurred the American revolution and helped establish the nation we now enjoy and strive to support. Many of us carry the entire text on our person, despite being labeled as potential terrorists, extremists, and nutjobs by the socialist left and/or the current administration. But this isn’t about us, its about Egypt and why I’m not as worried as a lot of others about who takes over the country.

I know I know… as a conservative I should and I am concerned about the possibility of Islamic radicals taking over our ally in Egypt and owning several thousand pieces of American military hardware. For one, the country isn’t as uneducated as much of the Middle East’s more susceptible extremist breeding grounds. That may not be saying much but a lot has changed since Anwar Saddat has was in power. Israel and Egypt have a standing peace treaty and Israel is still undefeated in the many wars it has fought for survival. Along with that Egyptian Army officers have trained side by side with Americans in their own country and ours to a much further degree than the Iranians prior 1979.

So all that being said the people of Egypt have the inherent God given right to self-determination, we believe we do and so do they. No matter their political or religious affiliation. Now what remains to be seen is if the Egyptian people are truly guiding this revolution or are they prodded? Are they looking to establish a representative or democratic style government? I got it… they might be headed for a radical Islamic government… a “second Iran/Syria”. Well… so what?

We need to deal with it. Be Americans. If they attack us or our interests or allies we respond. Just do it. I know its simple but be rational. We can withdraw all the foreign aid to in protest and that will be fine (I’m all for removing most foreign aid we give anyway). But we have to consider the fact that if a radical government is in charge in Egypt means we may be at war with them in the future. That will be costly and not something I’m advocating but that is the price of defending our way of life, our commerce, and our allies. We have to be resilient and and ready to strike at the first sign of threats to our commerce in the region. We’ve done it before and that is what our military is for.

So let Egypt choose who they want to lead the country or let whoever takes over. Unless we have word of a budding Jeffersonian democracy developing in the Land of the Pharaohs then we shouldn’t take sides. We should encourage a peaceful transition to whatever government is seated in Cairo but we shouldn’t attempt to dictate who goes where. We should be prepared though to be at war with a radical government of any religion or ideology that threatens our commerce and allies.