Stimulus in Action...and Waste

This has bothered the hell out of me since I’ve been back. Day and night even. But now more so because its 20 minutes past midnight and this place is lit up like a Christmas tree. I opposed the very idea of a “stimulus” because I’ve been on the receiving end of a federal pay check for ten years now. Now the liberals and some libertarians of you will say that’s living off the government dole and how dare I not agree with socialism. Big difference, I actually work for my paycheck.

So onto this project. I have no earthly idea what the project number is because the Recovery.gov site set up by the Obama administration to track the projects, its not there. But it is listed at Recovery.org , which analyzes how government is spending YOUR money. By the way, here is the difference in location:


The project is to expand the Snyder Dental Clinic on Ft. Gordon by a few rooms. OK? Great… but tell me why do you have the lights on at midnight when no one is working on this “shovel ready” project. If the left is so supportive of this and the government is run by leftists, why aren’t they demanding environmental concern over their projects being environmentally conscious

So what does one do? I have no idea who to really complain to or point out the hypocrisy but its asinine. The government told you this project was ESSENTIAL (its not) and that it was crucial to our economy. Government printed money, YOUR money and used YOUR money, to start this project and pays for the worker’s salaries, fuel used on site, and these lights that are on at midnight… every night.

Lights on

So… who cares about cutting down energy consumption?

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