Left Falling In Line With Reid

Shocker, I know.

I was stoked to see the Defense budget fail the cloture vote because I oppose the attaching bills to others that have nothing to do with one another. This was doubly disturbing because it attached two hotly contested issues to the only Constitutionally mandated federal department. You know by now that DADT and the DREAM Act were attached to the Department of Defense’s budget for FY 2011 (see above link).

What we all expected and what Senator Reid (and the other leftists) want happened. The Democrats and the left are already pouncing on the “Republicans hate troops” or “troops will die because of the vote”. Look to Twitter to see the lemmings march behind their leader. I first noticed with a twit who goes by PaulaInTulsaOK and said this:

If my #USMC son dies in combat cuz we didn’t hv medics,translators & Marines to cover him due to #DADT,r u ok w that? #tcot #p2

Really? You’re going to go there and say that a corpsman (err, corpse-man) won’t save the life of the Marine’s he’s attached to? You’re saying that your son’s Marine patrol won’t have the translators needed for work in the field? You’re saying that Marines won’t do their jobs to provide covering fire for your son? Talk about using your own blood for a political football… just like Harry Reid wanted. Then the retweets started rolling in and they started parroting the mother who uses her son as a political nuclear bomb. What person out there won’t be sympathetic to the tears of a mother in front of a Democrat politician who’s comforting her and saying “If only…”?

Stay strong on this vote. Don’t worry about my brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Iraq (remember them) not doing their job for their comrades and we’ll still hire translators, even if they can’t speak the dialect.