Iraq is Sovereign, The War Is Over

The Status of Forces Agreement between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America was signed November 17, 2008. The war is over and we will leave Iraq proper within three years time of this agreement, provided no amendments to the SOFA are made. The SOFA reads just like the one between the Republic of Korea and the USA reads, it establishes the manor in which we will carry out military operations and designates authorities over personnel within the country.

Even the Green Zone is now controlled by Iraqi forces and we will wait and see the results of how this works out. There is much to be done between now and 2011 but we will begin to see the American footprint shrink exponentially over the coming months, regardless of Obama’s decisions.

Despite all the traitorous rhetoric from the left and because of the lives lost we have defeated the former regime of Saddam Hussien, denied terrorists safe haven, prevented a budding WMD threat, brought stability to the people of Iraq, and enabled a government to take hold and secure its people. We will of course likely enter into a defense agreement with Iraq within the next few years and begin holding bilateral defense talks to establish permanent military contacts.

There will be fighting from here till 2011 and we will see some more casualties. However, they will drop in numbers, severity, and increase in significance. I want to thank my brothers and sisters in arms, my comrades, a job well done. I personally saw the sacrifice of Iraqi troops and the people who heroically opposed insurgents, terrorists, and Iranian Quds force to enable their nation to stand on its own.

Fight On.
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