Obama Supporters in Philidelphia

This video really says it all (warning: it is a cell phone video, choppy and from what I think is a 9/11 toofer, but worth the watch)

The video, from Canadian Freed Press and Atlas Shrugged illustrates the shear racism that was injected into this race by the simple fact that Obama was black and a democrat. There aren’t many wealthy or middle-class voters, hell maybe not even voters, in this video but there are plenty of young blacks in the Philly area. Going back to my earlier post about Dwight Lewis of the Tennessean we’re going to see a more prevalent pattern develop of how the racial divide continues and where it is most noticeable.

This election, of aesthetics over function, flash over fortitude shows how a culture driven by pretty slides and slogans can be persuaded with very little input into the message. This isn’t limited to black people but to all of the silly liberals who voted for Dear Leader. We have to sit back and analyze this objectively to see how we can either:

  1. Win their votes. Not likely considering the indoctrination is in place

  2. Counter their votes. More likely but requires gaining access to another population segment that they have easier access to.

I’m not sure what the end result of this hysteria will mean for the United States of America as a whole. But it can’t be healthy