I'm a Racist?

I was never a racist until today, or more realistically this campaign. I did not know that until a black man ran for President I would be a racist.

I’m being sarcastic

This is my letter to the article written by Dwight Lewis that is summed by by saying: if you’re a wight Southerner, you’re a stupid racist.

Mr. Lewis, I’m appalled that that you feel incumbent on throwing pity on Dixie because the majority of the citizens don’t feel Obama was or is the correct choice for President. Its apparent you harbor more racist sentiments than I’ve ever considered in my life. Your article is insulting and disingenuous because it lacks the completely rational thought for voting against Mr. Obama. Have you considered that we (white, Southerners) voted for Sen. McCain because of his policies? No, of course not. Just like your ignorant pen would not consider that most black Southerners voted for Mr. Obama because he is black? I’d like to point out that a friend on my Facebook profile changed her status after it was announced that Sen. Obama won the election: “My president looks like me”. Is that not a racist comment in itself? According to your cheap whorish definition of the word it is. I would appreciate your objective (I know, its a stretch) investigation into why many blacks voted for Sen. Obama? Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breathe.

Now, I am not pleased with the election. But I am an American and will work to see my views are represented and respected as all of us should. But I’d also appreciate a little intellectual honesty from Southern writers. Race isn’t a card you throw because you feel the need to. You’re calling me a racist and I find that abruptly hilarious considering my past and present. You insult millions on a base level with your rhetoric and vile. None the less, when Obama takes office he’ll be the President and my Commander in Chief maybe you should of given President Bush the same courtesy? Again, I won’t hold my breathe.

A bitter, God-loving, gun-clinging, and now apparently racist,


Now I’m getting angry…