The Way Forward

that’s all.

But I was told today by a somewhat gloating self-denying lefty that I “had a new boss”. In my view my boss never changes and so I told him “Obama’s not my boss, he’s just the next President”. The Constitution is my boss and the President is the person who I hope will exercise good judgment in the use of my brothers and me. I hope Obama will surround himself with decent advisers… I’ll take Colin Powell for instance. But if we start seeing Alinksites pop up in the nominations I know that we’re in for a rough road.

I do agree that we need to prop up the current crop of Senators and Congressmen. But we need to look forward at what the next four years will likely bring and that has been hashed out here before. We need leadership.

Leadership akin to Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele and Bobby Jindal and yes, Sarah Palin. True conservative leaders who can articulate our message and lay it on on the line for the people to understand, even in bubble gum language. We need John Boehner and Roy Blunt. We need Jack Kingston.

Steel yourself gents and damn the torpedoes and hoist the black flag. We sail into a harsh sea that has no safe harbor until we create one. We’ll have to take it by force and make the inhabitants understand what happens unless they allow us refuge. The Republic needs saving… and only strong, principled, conservative leaders will accomplish that.

Any thing else? I’m too terrified to think about it.