The Way Forward

The way my uneducated mind sees it, this election was lost because we failed to provide a quality leadership who could speak a clear message. When they tried we heard their results with disaster. The media forced a candidate on us that many were not happy with, nevermind I was happy to vote for him, but he was not my first choice. The media also relegated our message to the back of the bus and nowe we’re faced with the unFairness Doctrine.

So it is incumbent upon new media and namely the conservative new media to develop a message that is part-populist and all conservative. Our philosophy works and it won World War II and it won the Cold War. I’m not talking about government initiatives I’m talking about personal responsibility and individualism that creates rewards for you and yours. We have to formulate a message and we have to do it now. We have to make it viral and send it out through all forms of media until 2010 when we put in a majority again. We have two years Red State… two years.

So I propose now that we, conservatives, start creating a sort of manifesto in order to explain ourselves. With this we can create the litmus test for our leadership and shape the debate. We have to scream from the mountain tops or our small voice will get smaller, to steal the words we have to “get in their face”.

So use this diary message to create the manifesto:

1) W*e believe in self reliance, objective thought, and rugged individualism with charitable heart or those who are unable. But we do this as citizens of this Republic and not as subjects who bring an army of lawyers and legislaters *