The Ultimate Betrayal

Harold Philby said it best, “to betray, you must first belong” and certainly there are a plethora of politicians. Looking at the Saturday Night Live parody of Representative John Murtha (D-PA) I became more disgusted with this man, despite his otherwise honorable career as a U.S. Marine. His remarksafter the Haditha incident where he accused Marines of war crimes was the tip of the spear for me regarding any modicum of decorum from the Democrats in Congress. It was May 17, 2006 and I was still in Iraq conducting combat patrols through remote towns in eastern Diyala Province. We would come back from our four or seven hour missions and head to the chow hall for some rest and food. What do we see? A Congressman, a former Marine calling us all war criminals. When approached by a citizen who was asking for an apology for two of the Marines who had been acquitted of the crimes that Murtha brought up he refused to answer and ran into the elevator . This alone would disqualify him from office in Georgia and it should do so in Pennsylvania.

But he’s not alone, no far from it. His allies in the Senate, Congress, and other political offices are attacking the service members, my brothers and sisters, for doing our jobs… for the sake of votes and campaign contributions. Let’s start at the top:

Barack ObamaJohn KerryHarry Reid

Now what amazes me is that these people will continue to get elected no matter what because America is at the shopping mall, the military is at war. When we can effectively use their words against them I think we can see a change in the make up of the legislative body. For the most part their words are ignored by the mainstream media and buried in below the fold middle pieces in news papers. When liberal outlets like Salon take up a rather obscure incidentand blow it into a full on assault on the American service member. The Salon piece is nothing like a mention of Abu Garahib prison and the crimes committed there but when you take something like this and say its all a war crime you diminish the real crimes and mitigate every bit of good we do over there.

We in the military face an uphill battle againstour own population at times and of course the media at all times… so to them I’ll always say “no comment”. It may be that they are small minuscule parts of society but they are a cancer that infects the majority and cause others to questions our objectives, missions, purposes, and eventually our character, morality, and honor.