GOP Leadership/Ryan budget & Debt Ceiling

Watching some political analyst just “gush” and wretched heeps of fear, over the Ryan proposal, listen the Democrats and liberals have already been running ads against you over Medicare and other programs.  All these ads the Dems, keep saying, they are going to be running against Republicans over the Ryan Budget…its already been done.  They have been over this “they want to kill Social Security and Medicare”, pitch since 1965.   There is nothing new here

The debt ceiling, let President Obama and Reid, Hoyer and Wasserman-Schultz drag around about raising the debt ceiling over 14 trillion.  This actually is perfect, its clear messaging, that things are not going great.  Conservatives have every opportunity to play this out, with minimum negatives to the GOP…let them push raising ceilings, you start getting some cuts you promised.  The troops will still be paid, so will federal workers…so let  liberals get tied up over, being cut off the cash.   It also puts Obama in partisan territory, somewhere he has tried to make an image of some peacemaker, since December.