Bill White (D-Tx) wants to be your liberal governor, but does not know how Texas government works.

Another stellar week for the top prospect of the Democratic Party in a redstate take-over.

This week, Bill White, has been caught lying to the Texas Ethics Committee.  His campaign is already having problems keeping his secrets…secret.  Mr. Bill’s campaign spokesman admitted he received $83,000 from a “real estate partnership” in 2009 and it was reported on his income tax return, one slight problem, the income was oddly omitted from his Personal Finiancal Statement to the Texas Ethics Commission.

It is also interesting that this is already the second time that hidden payments have been found, also while Mayor of Houston, he received 2.6 million from a company under congressional investigation.

NOW, in an effort to deflect from this, he is flailing around like a feather, now saying that Governor Perry should get politics out of the Texas State Board of Education, by injecting politics into the Texas school system.  Another slight problem, is that apparently Mr. Bill does not know that the Board of Education in Texas is elected independently and the Governor does not control it’s decision.

Another week of Bill White on the offense…FAIL.