Janet Napolitano enters Texas Governors race

Texas Democrats gleefully cheered Bill White’s assertation that Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was listening to his requests for assistance on the Texas border.  Mr. White (leader of Houston’s sanctuary city policy for illigal immigrants), further suggested that Janet Napolitano said that she has not spoken on the issue with Governor Perry “in months” and that she would also say the same thing to Perry if he ever contacted her!

Very interesting, that the Department of Homeland Security is entering partisan politics on the side of the Democratic Party in Texas.

Problem for Bill White:  Spokesman for Governor Perry, released several copies of three contacts made in 2009 (requesting more troops for the border), and two this year (asking for preditor drones).  DHS tried to walk back its suggestion that she gave different answers to Bill White…

…but the question remains, why is Secretary Napolitano speaking to a “private citizen” about sensitive border issues in Texas?  Could anyone call the Homeland Security Secretary, or is that reserved for Democratic candidates for public office?  Interesting?  We should know the answers on who the federal government is supporting for partisan political office.