Chet Edwards (D)(TX-17)

I have been calling Congressman Chet Edwards (D-TX-17), represents a piece of central Texas from Waco to Bryan-College Station (Baylor University to Texas A&M).  He is a LIBERAL Democrat in a VERY conservative area, cant seem to dislodge him.

Spoke to his office today, and told the assistant was opposed to health care reform, and I asked if they had many calls.  She said “oh yes, and so you know a MAJORITY is in favor of President Obama’s health care reform”.

I in no way believe the assistant’s statement, I live in the district, and have not heard anyone speak in favor of the plan, he has had several protests, and the news accounts are devastating against his idea of NO town hall forum.

Help give this guy some pressure call him 254-752-9600 or fax 254-752-7769 (fax for free using FAXZERO http://faxzero.com/ )

Thanks…he must know he is in trouble, trying to spin it like he is representing a majority in the district!  He is a terrible rep. that seems to be stuck in the middle of a sea of red Texas).