Kansas Democrat Party Agress GOP the Way to Go

This week, the Kansas Democrat Party announced its gubernatorial candidate Tom Wiggans.  A quick google search about who this guy is lead me, not to his website, or the Kansas Democrat Party, but instead to a blog on the leftest blog Huffington Post where a KDP employee named Mike Nellis claims that Wiggans completes the best slate in years.

“Kansas Democrats are on their way to presenting the strongest slate of candidates in years with respected businessman Tom Wiggans‘ announcement that he will run for Governor.”

It seems Mr. Nellis didn’t think all that much of former Governor Kathleen Sebelius, former Rep. Nancy Boyda, Rep. Dennis Moore, tomcat Paul Morrison and the slew of other candidates that ran in the last “slate” election of 2006 that killed our efforts.  I applaud the Kansas Democrat Party for finally recognizing these candidates aren’t strong candidates, and embracing such a great Republican candidate like Tom Wiggans.

You see, just last year Wiggans was a donor to some of our greatest candidates in the Republican Party (according to their own lefty website).

The Kansas Republican Party released a statement saying

“It is hard to imagine Kansas Democrats would actually nominate for Governor someone who has never voted in a Kansas election.”

Mike Nellis continues his lefty fantasies

“Tom is exactly what Kansas voters need right now.”

Sure, he is.  He’s an indecisive Republican, who can’t make it to vote in Kansas Elections and has no idea what is needed to overcome what Sebelius did to our state. At least one thing shows progress in Kansas, and that’s with the recognition that the Democrat Party thinks that a slacker Republican is better than Sebelius any day.  There’s no way we’ll lose now.