Will You Defend the Constitution?

The appearance of a brewing storm on the horizon is undeniable and we must continue to do everything within our power to divert the storm from destroying America; although the current administration seems bent on thundering through our land and ripping the very liberty and unalienable rights we have, away from us. It is time to appeal to the public spirit of the American citizens and move the reluctant revolutionaries from blogging, petitioning, and griping into a productive motion.
There is a famine in America. It is not a famine for food…it is a famine for knowledge. Americans have been rendered ignorant by allowing themselves to be starved of the understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our educational system has depleted the necessary resources to produce healthy educated citizens who are unaware of the limited government under which they reside and are unacquainted with the quality of the American characteristic, Emerson referred to as, “self-reliance”.

A lack of knowledge in understanding the Constitutional provision to inhibit government intervention and incomprehension of the unalienable rights of man, markedly evident in the Declaration of Independence, has left our nation crippled, uninformed, and at a disadvantage for rallying the common man to defend the citizen’s rights of absolute liberty.

Freedom is not retained without effort. Much as a garden left unattended will become overgrown with weeds, so to, freedom left unattended will be overthrown by those with a passionate desire for influence and power.

The neglect of the gardener on behalf of the vegetable plants will allow the weeds to choke the life and productivity of said plants, reducing the harvest, destroying the garden.

The neglect of American citizens on behalf of the Constitution will allow Socialism/ Marxism to choke the productive and creative activity of citizens in society, reducing the commerce of our free market, destroying our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

People tend to reject the terms Socialism, Communism, and Marxism, but once any activity of these political philosophies is Americanized, people will accept them as right.

Look closely at the storm closing in. It was never the intent of our founding fathers for Americans to be ruled by a detached, self-centered, and non-representing power. A power that would rationalize its unconstitutional bureaucracies as benevolent in nature to the American people, or that would assert superior knowledge of what is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States, when Americans oppose such ideas.

No, our fore and founding fathers understood and learned well of that so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688 which saw King James II flee to France. They understood that tyranny is a festering boil, an infection requiring lancing and removal of the bacteria.

We have forgotten the provisions of our Constitution, the foresight of protection provided by our founding fathers. We have subverted the idea of our Creator as the endower of our rights and have accepted the government as the endower. Because of our forgetfulness, we are reaping the infringement of government interventionism. Liberty stands on the brink of destruction. The last hope, the only true beacon of freedom for the world is being weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Yet, all is not lost. The great aged document, which has stood the test of time, still holds the principles and provisions to right the wrongs that have been forced upon We the People. It lies in wait of an unrelenting endeavor to return government to its limited power and once again, liberate the American people.

Is there a cause more worthy, more honorable, more necessary, which has a greater summon than to repair the breach of justice inflicted by our federal government? Are you willing to allow the fanciful words of these political pretenders to trample and replace our most prized possession for liberty? We are free American citizens, bought with the blood of those brave patriots who have gone before us and stood resolute against tyranny and injustice! Can we do any less?

NO! Let your voice be heard! Ring loud your cry against the high-jackers of freedom! Restore the Constitution! Reverse the downward spiral of usurpation! Let each citizen learn what his duty is and persevere in performing it. Do not wait; for one inch quickly becomes a mile and lost ground is not easily recovered…sometimes, it is never recovered.

Hold true to your We the People oath as an American citizen, to defend the ordained and established Constitution of the Untied States. America is depending on YOU!