Illegal Immigration - A Sore Spot

Thinking long and hard about it, I believe we need to amend the Constitution so that we no longer give citizenship to children born of two illegals here in America. This would solve the whole paradigm revolving around the natural born citizenship. The US welcomes LEGAL immigration for those who submit to the laws of the Republic, but we must uphold illegal immigration laws in order to protect our nation.

We must always be careful when placing changes upon the Constitution, because our fore and founding fathers wanted the federal government’s power to be limited, but since this issue has become one of national defense, I believe the first step to defining our position as a nation, is to elaborate and redefine Amendment 14, Section 1. It really would not be a new law because we already have the 14th Amendment and Congress in Article 1, Section 8 has the “authority to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”.

I see the “anchor babies” as the primary catalyst for the criminal illegals. Define natural citizenship as birth between two legal citizens and we take away the driving force for illegals. Place this on top of opposition to amnesty, an increase in enforcement of illegal immigration laws INCLUDING deportation (starting with the 27% of illegals in the federal prison system which is costing taxpayers$89,000 per inmate), and we have the potential, very quickly, to permanently remove this “thorn in the flesh”. I am not just talking about Mexicans, either. I am talking about ALL illegals.

We are AMERICANS and we need to fight, tooth and nail, for this county and if you don’t like America as a Christian nation; an English speaking nation; a nation that says a pledge to Old Glory; then may I be the
first to escort you to the nearest airport.

The USCIS and their 18,000 employees obviously are not able to handle this illegal issue. Illegals are fast becoming, if not already, our #1 terrorist threat. (Sounds like a Homeland Security problem to me). Murder, drugs, rape, employment theft…these issues are an attack against our American sovereignty and need to be addressed in a defensive manner. We have an issue with illegals and it is a defense issue so we need to place illegal immigration under the department of defense…then what happens? Immediately we have at our disposal human resources to enact the immigration laws, the arms to secure illegals throughout the nation, and the means to send them back.

We must preserve the freedom our founders fought and died for, and return the run-away freight train of government to it’s Constitutional framework before our children and grandchildren have to be told stories about what freedom was like in America.