This is why We Cannot have Nice Things.

Today the Bundy story has exploded everywhere. The problem is that many conservatives see Federal Agents Stealing Cattle, or Searching for, or Raid Gun Store and start screaming before they investigate.

Many organizations do good things and bad things: Raiding Ares Armor (Bad), and shutting down a gun running California Congressman Leland Yee (D) (is it safe to say that he’s pro-small business and pro-gun?).

Bundy has been running cattle without paying for decades. Here’s an article that delves deeper: http://janmorganmedia.com/2014/04/pick-battles-wisely/#e66x0u5DrhPm1RAd.01


Conservatives have been battling reactionary actions for a very long time, and now that we have a shiny new Internet that lets us broadcast problems and issues Conservatives need to stand up and use the Internet responsibly.

I am all for States Rights. This does not change the fact that these lands are Federal Lands, so do not start barking about States Sovereignty. That is an issue to be fixed by the State Legislature and Congress, not a rancher who has been breaking the law.


Additional Information:

Court Ruling: http://letstalknevada.com/…/08/Order-US-v-Bundy-7-9-13.pdf

Information on the “preemptive”: http://genealogy.about.com/cs/land/a/public_lands_2.htm
Legal background: http://elr.info/sites/default/files/articles/20.10003.htm

Ancestry.com Wiki on tracking land: http://www.ancestry.com/wiki/index.php…

All this information points to if they have legal claim they could prove it well, and certainly they could have used them in court.

How to work within a state to purchase back land: