A Conservative walks into a whiskey tasting and meets two Democrat Old Testament Professors

Education is a critical issue in our Republic. While 2+2=5 and rewriting the Constitution are problems we need to address an even more critical issue.

Looking back to what I like to refer to as “The Good Old Days” illiterate “uneducated” citizens would gather to listen to stump speeches actually given on a stump. Many could engage more clearly after having someone read them a newspaper than any 16-30 year old could today even though campaign finance reports, detailed biographies, and voting histories are mere keystrokes away.

We conservatives open ourselves to ridicule because we do not take the 15 minutes each day to stay up to date on events. We do not prioritize studying the history of the filibuster or why cloture votes were originated, let alone why they are common practice. A benefit that many Liberal Academics have mastered is efficient research, which allows them to hang conservatives on a coat rack kicking. All they need to do is engage in a broad conversation, identify a weak area, and ask a specific question. When there is no answer, they can dismiss our ideas, mock us as uneducated, and walk away.

As a recent Ft. Worth resident, my wife and I have been searching for fun things to do, and found a little wine shop that was having a whiskey tasting (it’s called Put a Cork in It, is located at Park Hill and University, and is really neat). We met a very nice couple, and a conversation was struck. I figured they were somehow attached to Texas Christian University, and they were both Old Testament Professors. When they asked what I did, I told them I work for a Conservative PAC. They both quickly engaged with questions, many relating to the cloture vote, filibuster, and reasonable uses of both.

I’m glad I listened to more of Senator Ted Cruz’s speech than just when he read Dr. Seusse. I’m glad my parents involved me in politics at a young age and that I took personal time to study privately filibuster. We went on to have a great conversation, and found common ground in the fact that the Government should have to balance their checkbook like we did.

I firmly believe that if I had not done my research that I, as a 25 year old conservative, would have been dismissed and mocked. But I knew about the habits of some to just read from cookbooks during a filibuster and that government shutdowns under Bill Clinton were not the end of the world. I had a basic political education across the board, and some deeper education in many different areas.

I do need to research the history of Cloture, though. I’ll have to sandwich that between working for Madison Project and reading Sir Martin Gilbert’s book on World War 1.