Did you hear how Allen West was stabbed in the back by Republicans !

Mike Savage discussed this yesterday in his radio show about how the republicans gerrymandered his district! I was stunned since he was one of the stars of the republican congress & generally supported Boehner (many conservatives, in fact, issues with him over that!).  I also saw an aricle by Armstrong Williams  how the republicans betrayed Allen West confirming what I heard from Savage.   I would really like to know who is behind this? Boehner & Co or Florida republican bosses?  We all know how Bachmann was not supported by republican party since she had the courage to stand up to the Boehner & co.    She won despite active attempts by RINOs to get rid of her!  It is time for conservatives to put up strong candidates against Boehner, Cantor & the current leadership with support from Tea Party & conservatives.