Biden, not Obama, has created more hope!

When Obama ran in 2008, many people rightfully said that it would be a turning point for the US & one can look at any kid in this country & say one day you can become a president if you dream big & do the right thing.

After 4 years of Obama-Biden, I would argue that Biden has been a bigger hope than Obama.    When you take all his comments & his speeches (including today’s speech where he said “he was not proud even one day working as a veep”) a case can be made that he is the biggest idiot ever elected to the one of the highest positions in the world.  Whenever he opens the mouth, it is so idiotic, you wonder whether there is anything between the ears?  One could say “if this moron can become a vice-president of US, everyone has a chance”

P.S. – what made write this post is Biden’s arrogance & condescencion!