Et tu Christie!

Did Christie throw the life line for Obama?  If yes, why….this is the trillion $$ question today everywhere!!

None of the other governors even mentioned Obama in fact Bloomberg did not want him to come to NY! I can understand Christie traveling with Obama to the affected areas but his praise & his pumping up Obama using hyperbole …smells fishy!

May be, Christie got a twofer ….first he gets a bigger check from Obama.. so his relection is secure.  The bigger reason might be that he is really mad that he did not jump in to the presidential elections & let his big chance in his life slip away!  If Romney is elected he has to wait till 2020! Conservatives always had doubts about this guy & now we know.

It is one thing to thank president for his help but to praise him to the high skies for what he was supposed to do!  Come on, where was he when US citizens were killed & he was watching it on live TV!