The Speaker & Ohio!

Regarding the presidential elections, most experts are saying that whoever wins Ohio has the best chance of winning the elections.

Has anyone noticed that the Speaker of the House (3rd in line in power!) is a Republcian from Ohio! Unfortunately, Boehner is a weasel who has zero credibility with conservatives & tea partyers. Even most republicans know that he would sell his anyting to get a deal with Dems & hold on to power at all costs!

Can you imagine if we had a rock solid conservative as a speaker who could travel with the presidential candidate firing up the bases & talk about how Republican president can change things & make sure the Ohio goes for Republican candidate.
If Boehner travels with Romney in Ohio, there will be fewer people voting for Romney…he is the reason why conservatives & Tea Partyers hate DC Repblicans. He is the epitome of RINOs! It is time for conservatives in the house to vote against Boehner from leadership position if we are serious about cleaning up the republican party!