Should conservatives & tea partyers stand for any principles?

I read & hear from republicans, even conservatives who have an axe to grind…. it is time to fall behind Romney!  Similar to the argument we heard during the GW Bush days – you cannot go against a sitting republican president even when he pushed this country to a fiscal hole!  Now the same people complain about Bush’s liberal policies!

Do we have to support republicans (Romney & other elected republicans) irrespective of any position they take?  Do we have to abandon all our positions —or should conservative stick to some principles?  The republicans want to be elected (including Romney) just because they are republicans & not democrats!

We all remember fondly  “contract with America” & a speaker with a conservative vision & action plan”….all we got now are Boehner, McConnell, Romney … stand for nothing people.

Conservatives & Tea partyers, … welcome to the republican party of Romney, Bohener & McConnell!  Your vote is important to us!  Your ideas, however, are not welcome!