What is the duty of conservatives who supported Non-Romney

This post is Not addressed to Rombots —you can continue to keep you head in the sand.  Newt should continue to stay in the race & people should support him to keep Romney honest & slow down his run to the left! 

For the rest of us, we need to stand together & make our voices heard!

First of all, those of us who were in the Non-Romney camp should not back away from conservative principles because  Romney is Not a conservative.  There will be attempts by RINOs & republican establishment types, conservative media types to redfine conservative principles so that Romney is palatable to the conservatives & tea partyers….I already see post describing that he is “conservative enough” & followed by most likely how Regan was a moderate in many ways like Romney, etc…. remember 2008, it will be worse.     We should make sure that voices are heard -here & radio talk shows & letter to the editor etc.  One thing to compare Obama to Romney & another thing to say Romney is conservative!

As EE says, President Both Ways about Obama, Romney will be “Nominee Any way that day.  All the Non-Romney supporters should stay strong & make sure we hold this Etch a Sketch feet to the fire.  For example, if starts immigration reform support or say dream act, the Perry & Newt supporters should start calling all the talk show hosts (who will try cover it up!  they are first republicans & then conservatives!) & remind everyone what Romney said in the primaries & how he attacked Perry & Newt for their positions!   We should do the same for other issues where Romney took a conservative position in primary & would try to weasel his way to a liberal position. 

The most important thing for RS posters who supported Non-Romney including people like EE is that ” to make sure our support of the Republican nominee (Romney) is conditional upon his sticking to his positions that he promised in the primaries” & otherwise, there will no difference between Obama & Romney by the time November comes along!

Everyone around us will keep repeating   “it is Obama on the other side & we all know the damage he can wreck on this country & so we have to elect Romney!”  We will be asked to cut him some slack , give him some room to attract the moderates, people will say that that goal is more important the means or he will move back to the right after the elections etc. etc.  – as he keep going back on one issue after another.  From Rush, Hannity, & others, there will be chorus – whatever position he takes, it is OK, he is still better than Obama.  We have to stand up & say it is NOT OK!  If Romney camp figures that conservatives are a sap & take them for granted, there will Not be a difference in the positions of the two candidates, it will be Obama vs. Obama Lite!

If we keep on compromising on our principles because one more boogeyman routine, we have ourselves to blame for the past, current (most likely future) wasted opportunities.  What is the point of being a Obama Lite – the independents would rather vote for the real deal….it is our duty to keep our candidate honest by making sure we are not taken for granted by the Romney camp!