Time to demand accountability from Republican congressional members

One thing I admire about liberal democrats …most of them fight for their causes & do not back down! Look at Republican leadership ….Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, McConnell – first thing they say is Compromise or how they only control only one third of the government  and whine that the president is not working with them!   I never hear that from Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi —when it comes to liberalism, it is pedal to the metal for them.. how is that they are able to stand on their principles while republican gang is so weak kneed!    Also, when GW Bush was elected, they had all three branches but did nothing!  While Obama is a disaster for the country, he passed Obamacare, the ultimate liberal goal!   Somehow, liberals are able to get their elected members to deliver on their promises, while our side comes up with fake votes to defraud the republican base (debt limit vote was a fraud of the biggest proportions that the conservative media chose to ignore! – voted to approve Obama to raise debt ceiling & then end of the year did a symbolic vote before the elections to rebuke the president on his debt limit to get cover before the elections!)

The reason I am raising this now is if Obama wins & republicans get the senate & house,  do the republicans have the courage to stop or even slow down the complete destruction of  our system?  I am not sure….it is time to hold the republican congress members feet to the fire!   Where are the Tea Party people — it is time to get active & start putting up candidates against  the republican leadership for 2014!