RS posters already making excuses for "Etch a Sketch" nominee

Is “Etch a Sketch”  a euphemism for “flip flopper”.   The arrogance of Romney campaign is plain to see – “where will the hicks & bible thumpers go in the general elections”? They are not even waiting for the primaries to end before moving from the center to left of center! Unfortunately, EE & other posters have already started lining behind Mittens – “we have no other path but support Romney “.  No wonder, Romney gang is getting bolder & already saying what they will do in the general!

Question to other Etch a Sketch Nominee supporters – In general, he will move left enough – just not to make the base NOT  too angry!  They will play both sides – his mouth pieces will say one thing & he will come out say the opposite (just like what we witnessed)!   That way when Mittens pivots left, he can say their camp did say that!  If he is elected POTUS, he will be a full fledged MA liberal in action!! Revised Obamacare, Cap & Trade, same policies on social issues (Cathlolics need to wake up!) etc… 2014 will be a disaster – Pelosi back as the speaker!   We will again have liberals in charge of all three corridors of power!

Do we want Obama as the POTUS with Senate & House Republican majority or Obama Lite as POTUS with Reid & Pelosi?