Time to evaluate the primaries on the Republican side!

RINO establishment has succeeded in nominating their candidates for many years (GW Bush somehow managed to hide his big spending tendencies!).   What makes this time as the final straw for conservatives /Tea Partyers is that things have gone from good to bad one election cycle (since 201).  But, we got Romney who does not even qualify as remotely conservative!  The objective should be to get the base (conservatives & tea partyers) back one of the plans (based on discussions & vetting) & change the current Republican primary system.   The goal is to prevent a RINO candidate to run away with the primary win by winning blue states (inhabitants are mostly RINOs) that will never ever go to Republicans such as CA, MA, Vermont, Maryland etc., in the general elections.

1.  For every blue state primary, there should be a red state primary on the same date so that Republican moderate does not get all the momentum & cash while the conservative candidates are forced out due to lack of cash & RINO attacks!

2. In addition to the above, delegates should be awarded based weighted system that takes in to account how that particular state voted in previous elections and/or registered democrats or republicans.

For example, if Vermont population is 70% democratic based on previous presidential election and/or registered voters, then the delegate count should be multiplied by 30% or a similar number to get a much a lower number of delegates.   Basically, this will reduce the power of blue state republicans whose votes do not factor in the presidential elections since electoral college gives all their votes (except Maine & Nebraska) to the popular vote winner.

Also, higher weightage should be given to red states & battleground states since they are the states that make or break a republican candidate in the general election.  This will ensure that a liberal does not sneak through the system only to lose in the general elections.

I am sure there are other ideas to improve the current system & suggestions above….but the Big question is how do we get this enacted with the RINO in complete control of the establishment!   The base has to pressure people like Jim Demint, Rand Paul, Rubio, Sessions & such like-minded people to start a movement to change the status quo.  May be people like EE, Levin & others can also help in bringing this issue to the forefront, discuss it & suggest improvements etc.

If the system remains as it is now,  we will have one RINO after another as our candidates for the foreseeable future!








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