Evangelicals/Tea Partyers are not playing their hand well !

I am listening to reports of many evangelicals (exit interviews) saying that they will vote for whoever is the Republican nominee!  This is going to really backfire for the conservatives!  Already, Romney is saying he is not going to say anything or do anything to fire up the base.  The Romney was really in the middle or slightly left of the middle and because of Newt & Rick, he moved a little bit to the right to come back to the center (examples of his recent tax package, few social issues etc.).  If Evangelicals & Tea Partyers show their hand now, Mittens will move to the left slowly now & move hard left for the general elections.  He will screw the Evangelicals &  Tea Partyers for sure in the primary – it is important for this segment of the Republican party to hold Romney’s feet to the fire till the end of the elections.  The difference between Obama & Mittens will be negligible by October, 2012!

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