Conservative thought leaders - The time is now to reject Moderate as the nominee!

I am sick & tired of Rush, Sarah Palin, De Mint sitting on the sidelines while the conservatives are struggling the primary while a MA moderate Romney, with the help of Libertarian fraud, is taking over the primary.  I can understand their non-support of a particular candidate but at least they should clearly tell the republican primary voters to avoid Romney & Ron Paul!

Rush & Hannity do not want to antagonize any supporter & lose their ratings & dollars.  Also, Rush’s big ego will not let him support somebody & his candidates loses!  Down the road, when Romney loses big time to Obama, he will shamelessly take credit that he called it!  Most of these conservative media types lost their credibility (except Savage & may be Levin) when they kept their mouths shut when Bush was spending like there is no tomorrow!

Sarah Palin is supporting indirectly – she does not want to antagonize the RINO establishment…not sure why?  She has the support of the conservative & tea party base.  Her credibility will only go up if she says to avoid Romney & Paul! DeMint also needs to come out & help out the conservatives now!  He needs to show the courage to go against establishment – he expects that from other freshmen senators during votes. It is all about power – Power corrupts even good people!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of a MA liberal first & later a Socialist is for good men/women to do nothing”