Nexus between Ron Paul and Romney is out in the open!

After weeks of speculation that Ron Paul & Romney Campaigns are working together based on how Ron Paul smeared Newt in FL & now has attack ads against Rick in MI even though he is not campaigning much there.  There are tons of articles that discuss either Ron or more likely, Rand Paul will be the veep nominee for Romney!

I hope Libertarians who thought Paul was a honest broker can go to Libertarian party rather than support this fraud Ron Paul!  Ron Paul turned out to be the “typical Washington insider that wheel & deals to get himself & his family taken care of “.  This guy, just like Obama, fooled all his followers especially the youth!   Also, I feel sorry for the Judge Napolitano, Stossel & few other openly libertarians who thought this guy is for real…shame on you Paul especially aligning yourself with a MA liberal!

Conservatives & Tea Partyers, this is the last chance to prevent two frauds (Romney-Paul) from being nominees of the republican party!  Vote Rick or Newt whoever is leading the poll in a state or running second to Romney in a particular state.  I am reading & hearing that Newt is not doing any campaign in MI so that the conservatives can vote for Rick!   Thank you Newt!  Hope Rick will do the same in the southern states! Also, if Romney gains any momentum & primary voters are still splitting the conservative votes to give Romney victories in some states, maybe it is time for one of you to step aside to be the veep for the republican ticket.  Conservatives are still the majority of the republican party!