VA Speaker doubles down on tax hike

I don’t get to volunteer on campaigns very often anymore, but I do appreciate the opportunity to support candidates and causes financially where I can. No surprise, I’m no stranger to fundraising emails, unfortunately. In someways, they’re like hippies – let a few in the door and soon they take over the place.

That said, I do get the occasional interesting pitch. In this case, a high-dollar Virginia fundraiser to support all those Republican delegates and Senators “who helped pass this year’s historic transportation package.” It’s always nice to see the machine in action. Too bad it’s to a terrible end of expanding government and fleecing the taxpayers of this Commonwealth. But since the odds of getting campaign dollars out of the conservative grassroots are greatly diminished these days for Speaker Howell, he might as well turn to the development and construction community.

It’s true! You could be a Road Builder or a Site Manager for just $2,500 or $1,000.


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