Conspiracy Where There Is None

Two posts in one day…the hell is wrong with me?

Anyway, sorry to be late to this particular discussion – but it looks like Google (specifically Blogger) had drawn a ton of flak this week over placing a blog behind Blogger’s “interstitial” content warning and accusations of political bias have followed quickly behind. Without rounding up all the links (Moe did that quite well here), I would like to weigh in on this: Rick Klau, the Product Manager for Blogger at Google has posted a response.

A couple things: first, I think that if the company Google can be attributed to hold political views, they probably (ok, pretty much certainly) aren’t mine. I think as a rule, conservatives have a lot to disagree with the way that Google sees the policy world. They do quite a bit to earn distrust on the right (come on, would it freaking KILL them to toss out a Memorial Day logo instead of Tetris’ birthday fercrissakes?)

Second – I’ve known Rick for years. While he was at Feedburner he was a great friend to RedState in its early years trying to scrap together a few nickels to keep the lights on and the beer flowing. Yes, he’s a Democrat – and he’s also an honest broker and I take him at his word.

And no,  I wouldn’t believe for ONE SINGLE SECOND that he’d let political concerns affect the way Blogger is run. No way, no how. Everything else is just faked moon landings and forged birth certificates.

P.S. [insert likely unnecessary disclaimer about my employer having many clients in the technology arena]