VA-Gov: Can McAuliffe Buy Richmond?

With so many people and discussions focused on what Republicans can do to prepare for 2010, many forget that political ground zero this year will be the Commonwealth of Virginia where the governor is elected in odd years, and incumbents can’t run – so it’s always a near-free for all. Rasmussen has it pretty wide open, which isn’t surprising.

Now, enter the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. This LA Times blogger posits that Virginia’s lack of campaign finance limits is bad news for Republicans since Terry has raised almost a billion (with a B) dollars for Democrats – a sum that even the President-elect can respect. And his ability to raise cash has already had a very direct impact on the race. One of his opponents, State Delegate Brian Moran actually resigned his seat prior to the start of the legislative session primarily because he would be prohibited from raising campaign cash during that term.

So yes, there’s going to be no shortage of dollars for Dems in the Commonwealth this year. But I highly doubt that’s the biggest problem. While the GOP has lost a slew of statewide offices over the last six years, the Virginia party has…well, it seems like they’ve gotten pretty good at throwing pointy objects at each other.

The only bright spot? We’ve got a great candidate in VA Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Solid conservative who’s been successful in both office and the ballot box. Can he raise the money to compete in the absence of a well-oiled GOP machine? You can help with that. (This is my first donation of 2009, but it won’t be my last.)