Andrew Tilghman: Lying or Obtuse?

Seriously, the folks at TPM Muckracker are like a dog with a bone with this BMW story. But with every post they prove their ignorance of direct mail, or their willingness to just ignore the facts, or worse – a penchant for dishonesty. In the latest, Tilghman is outraged (outraged!) that a Republican who raised about $670k this quarter:

At the same time, he spent $442,990, almost all of it on expenses related to the direct mail effort and paid to BMW Direct and its affiliates (some of which share the same downtown Washington office).

“Almost all”, eh? So I presume that BWM is a printing company? Even better, it appears that BMW has really mastered this business by figuring out how to print their own postage or convince the Post Office to carry all those letters out of charity.

Seriously, shrieking about the high cost of prospecting using direct mail without mentioning the actual PROSPECTS you get is such an obvious omission, I’d lean towards calling it a lie.