Redistricting Ohio (with maps) 12-4

It’s not easy to create a 12-4 map in a state that Obama won. Unfortunately, with there being 13 Republicans now, 1 of them has to go. I axed Bob Gibbs’s 18th.

Kucinich (OH-10) and Sutton (OH-13) are also knocked off, and a new seat is created in Franklin County.


CD-1 (Chabot) – I cut this from 36% black to 21% black, replacing them with Republicans from Claremont County

CD-2 (Schmidt) – Weakened a bit to shore up CD-1. Added Scioto and Lawrence Counties.

CD-3 (Turner) – Adds a bit of heavy Republican territory to the east. I also used John Boehner to shore him up in Dayton a tad. If Mr. Speaker nixes that idea, well, Turner will have to take Trotwood back, but he’s ok.

CD-4 (Jordan) – If he’s not running for Senate, he comes back to a slightly weaker, but easily holdable district. The sections of Lorain county in his district actually voted ~54% McCain. The sections of Cuyahoga he has are ~50% McCain.

CD-5 (Latta) – There’s a bit of an excess of Republicans here, but you can’t do much with them.

CD-6 (Gibbs/Johnson) – This district is probably 50/50. There’s really not much to do to make it safe; I think the GOP has to live with this one.

CD-7 (Austria) – About the same. Adds Democratic Athens County and some other Republican counties.

CD-8 (Boehner) – See above. Mostly unchanged.

CD-9 (Kaptur) – Adds heavily Democratic areas of Lorain County.

CD-10 (open) – Packed in Columbus seat. Safe Dem, no incumbent. I didn’t really work on the specific borders that much.

CD-11 (Fudge) – Packed in Cleveland seat. Probably one of the most Democratic seats in the country outside of California. 50% black as I have it.

CD-12 (Tiberi) – He also staircases up to Stark County.

CD-13 (Ryan) – The old 17th, plus all of Akron and Cuyahoga Falls.

CD-14 (Latuorette) – Tricky. You can’t take him west, so he goes South. The areas I added from Summit county (Tallmage, Richfield) are about 50% McCain. Boehner really needs to keep Latuorette in the House.

CD-15 (Stivers) – He doesn’t live here, but the new CD-15 staircases up to Stark County.

CD-16 (Renacci) – Drops Stark County. Adds ~40% McCain areas of Cuyahoga County (Brooklyn, Parma). I did give him some Richland territory to compenate, but this district might have to swap areas with the 4th a bit.