Redistricting Texas (with maps)

This is something I have been trying to do for a while. I sat down today and gave it a shot.

I used Dave’s redistricting app.


The goal is to gain 3 new seats, and protect our 22 incumbents. Thus, the total in 2012 will be 26-10.

So, the Northeast.


CD-1: Lou Gohmert (Tyler) – Moves a bit north and takes some territory from the old CD-4.  69% McCain

CD-4: Ralph Hall (Rockwall) – Extends into some growing semi-Democratic areas in the DFW area. 62% McCain

CD-32: Pete Sessions (Dallas) – Mostly new territory for him, but he needs it. A lot of old territory from the old CD-4.  62% McCain

CD-5: Jeb Hensarling (Dallas) – About the same as before. 65% McCain

CD-6: Joe Barton (Ennis) – He moves a bit west and into the DFW area more. 62% McCain

The Dallas area


CD-3: Sam Johnson (Plano) – A lot more compact. 61% McCain

CD-30: Eddie Johnson (Dallas) – Also more compact. 81% Obama

CD-24: Kenny Marchant (Coppell) – Drops its portions in the southern area of the 2 countries. 60% McCain

CD-26: Michael Burgess (Lewisville) – Moves north into Denton county now. 64% McCain

CD-33: New Seat – All the Democratic sections of DFW that remain. 73% Obama

CD-12: Kay Granger (Fort Worth) – Drops Parker County. 61% McCain

Middle of the state


CD-17: Bill Flores (Bryan) – A bit different. Picks up half of Killeen to dilute those voters. 61% McCain

CD-34: New Seat – Republican seat based on the Southwestern countries from DFW. 63% McCain

CD-31: John Carter (Round Rock) – About the same. 60% McCain

CD-25: Lloyd Doggett (Austin) – Collapses back into Austin. 74% Obama

CD-11: Michael Conaway (Midland) – Drops a lot of rural counties and picks up the rest of the Austin area.  65% McCain

CD-10: Michael McCaul (Austin) – Grabs his house and drops a couple counties. 62% McCain

CD-21: Lamar Smith (San Antonio) – Doesn’t need to go to Austin anymore. Still based on NE San Antonio. 64% McCain



CD-2: Ted Poe (Humble) – About the Same. 62% McCain

CD-18: Shiela Jackson Lee (Houston) – Shifts to pick up more Democrats. 79% Obama

CD-29: Gene Green (Houston) – Ditto. 67% Obama

CD-9: Al Green (Houston) – Ditto. 79% Obama

CD-7: John Culbertson (Houston) – Moves north a bit to accommodate the new district. 62% McCain

CD-36: New Seat – Stretches from Lloyd Doggett’s old territory into Houston. 60% McCain

CD-22: Pete Olson (Sugar Land) – A bit nicer looking. 62% McCain

CD-14: Ron Paul (Lake Jackson) – Drop some countries to the new CD-36. Otherwise the same. 63% McCain

South Texas


CD-27: Blake Farenholdt (Corpus Christi) – This is VRA protected so you can’t do much with it. Trades territory with the neighboring 15th. 53% McCain

CD-35: New Seat – Southern San Antonio downward. Majority minority. 53% McCain

CD-15: Ruben Hinojosa (Mercedes) – Shrinks a lot. 72% Obama

CD-28: Henry Cuellar (Laredo) – Covers the rest of the border towns. 69% Obama

CD-20: Charlie Gonzalez (San Antonio) – Shrinks. 71% Obama

The rest of the state

<img src=”http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6836/texasu.png” />


CD-16: Silvester Reyes (El Paso) – About the same. 66% Obama

CD-23: Quico Canseco (San Antonio) – Picks up a lot of territory from the old 11th. Still huge. 54% McCain

CD-8: Kevin Brady (The Woodlands) – About the same. 71% McCain

CD-13: Mac Thornberry (Clarendon) – About the same. 76% McCain

CD-19: Randy Neugebauer (Lubbock) – About the same. 72% McCain

Overall we have:

23 Republican House seats

10 Democratic House seats

3 seats which the Republicans are slightly favored for now.