Before we solve the issue of illegal immigration; before we restore and ensure no further erosion of the Second Amendment; before entitlements are reformed, fiscal sanity is instituted and socialist forces in this country are defeated – we must do something first:

We must defeat The Spineless

For the past 20 years or so, the Republican Party has been sliding down a sorry path, beginning just after the original “Contract With America” in the mid-90’s. That was a moment in time I’d love to see again, but who in the Republican establishment would push such a thing now? The Contract With America was wildly unpopular with the press, the Democrats and anyone in love with President Clinton. But the Republican leadership proudly let the American people in on what they were doing – and didn’t squirrel away behind closed doors, conspiring to see what they could get away with and still get re-elected.

The Contract With America I believe was responsible for Republicans in 1994 taking over Congress and forcing Bill Clinton to move to the right, balancing budgets, reforming welfare and taking credit for it all. But make no mistake – the conservatives in the Republican Party leadership told the media and the Liberals to be damned and stood up for Americans. It was glorious, but I was sorry to see – short-lived, because something happened.

Our party began having a party.

It wasn’t that long before Republicans were spending like sober Democrats, running up deficits, passing regulations and taxes, increasing the size of government at every turn. Sorry you fans of George W. Bush, but the de-spining of America accelerated on his watch and with his full consent. 9/11 aside, Republicans and conservatives of all stripes must fess up to this reality if we’re up to Republicans who currently make up the GOP leadership are not to be trusted or counted on. While they’ve been getting their asses handed to them since 2006, we’ve all been thinking the same thing, so why not just say it.

They are weak. They lack resolution and purpose. They’re cowards when it comes to the media and completely invertebrate versus Barack Obama. More? Okay: They lie to us. A lot. They’re selling us down the road. Instead of leading, they blame. Instead of telling it like it is, they pander. You get the point.

This is not about the wonderful conservatives, many swept into office in 2010 by the wake-up call of Obamanomics, whom I love and admire.  I’m talking about the guys in charge of the GOP. A bunch of wimps who won’t bring their “negotiations” out into the light, refuse to do battle with the Chicago thugs, and simply won’t do what they were hired to do. I’m talking about the leadership and the newly hired Republicans who got to Congress and decided it was easier to go along than to hold true to their constituents. I’m sick and tired of asking you to grow a pair – I want you out of office.

Republicans love to hang back and blame Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton – whoever – but they are complicit when they do nothing to stop the spending, defund ObamaCare, or prevent our military from being decimated. I love these guys who use “The Sequester” as their rallying cry: “It was Obama’s idea”!!! So what? You passed it, you did nothing to stop it’s being implemented and you are to blame, my friends. There is no one else in Washington that has any desire for less spending, fiscal sanity and a superior military, so we’re counting on REPUBLICANS to do the right thing.

But there you go, having drinks with Obama, making plans and proposals in secret, while pretending to represent us. You’re not. You’re tagging along with folks who want a fundamental change of America and the downfall of the Republic. What is the matter with you? Get out of the way and let some real conservatives do battle with these socialists and Islamic sympathizers.

I live in a world where Americans are murdered in Benghazi and they lie to our faces about what happened and Republicans are doing nothing that results in getting to the bottom of it. What happened to the folks who oversaw “Fast & Furious”? Why did the bombings in Boston occur when the Russians had these guys on a wire talking about it with their crazy mom? We don’t need more cameras, more DHS agents or more drones looking out for us – we need a competent FBI and this kind of crazy crap won’t happen. Stop going along with restricting our liberties and go home to enjoy the millions you’ve somehow compiled on a Congressman’s salary. You know who you are. You’re the ones raising taxes and going along with brand new taxes on the Internet. You’re the ones busy caving into completely worthless immigration reforms that won’t be complied with or enforced.

Millions more Democrat voters mean more free stuff, bigger government handouts, more spending, continued debt and drain on our economy. We will be Greece in no time, but I don’t see the GOP up in arms about it. You guys are insane if you think the Obama Justice Department will enforce any new immigration rules which make it difficult for illegals to become legal. The Obama Administration not only doesn’t protect the border, but when border states try to do it themselves, the Administration sues them! These are the same people who run guns over the border to Mexican drug cartels in order to exacerbate a phony gun crisis in this country – to help with gun control regulation. Do you not see what is going on?

We need true Americans to run and serve. Defeat The Spineless. Now.

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