Nick Searcy Wants to Make You a Star

I don’t know a lot of international film & television stars, but I know Nick Searcy – and if you knew Nick Searcy – you’d certainly know he is just such a star… probably because he’d tell you.

Seriously though, if you do know Nick, you’d know he’s constantly goofing on the industry in which he works – a business filled with folks who will tell you to your face how accomplished they are, and never think for a minute they’re being vapid. Anyone who works in showbiz knows a lot of these folks, mired in their own press and surrounded by sycophants who find it in their best interest to keep the money train’s ego un-checked and filled with sugary accolades.

And in that spirit I highly recommend you surf on over to “Acting School with Nick Searcy”– an hysterical web series giving an inside look at the life of an “International Film & Television Star” – who just happens to be the professor himself, Nick Searcy. Even if you’ve never known or met an actor, you’re going to love seeing Nick’s angle on what a life of show business can do to a person’s self-image. I know a LOT of actors and Searcy nails them to the wall – something that needed to be done a long time ago. Most of the time when Hollywood parodies itself, they end up patting themselves on the back, but not here. I don’t laugh at much but this seriously cracked me up.

In real life Nick is a terrific actor, currently starring in the F/X series; “Justified,” working alongside the great Tim Olyphant, many of whom you may remember as Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO series; “Deadwood.” Wish that show was still on, eh? But don’t worry, with the reviews “Justified” is receiving, my guess is it will continue for many, many seasons.  Along the way, Nick has racked up an enviable resume, starring in independent films as well as big-budget studio movies, including The Ugly Truth, Blood Done Sign My Name, The Dead Girl, An American Crime, Runaway Jury, Cast Away, Head of State, and Fried Green Tomatoes. On television, he was a series regular on 7 Days, American Gothic, From The Earth To The Moon, Rodney, and Easy Money.

Also, lately we’ve seen Nick in the Oscar-nominated films Moneyball and Gone. So, on second glance, he may not be goofing around with all that stuff about being an International Star…?

Off-stage, Nick Searcy is unusual, to say the least, but I mean that in the best way. Nick can be so silly at times that it’s disconcerting, because he seems so serious at first glance. And when you finally realize he’s putting you on, it’s too late, you’ve been had. But it’s great to know someone who is so talented, but never takes themselves seriously for a minute. That’s Nick Searcy. Check out his acting school if you also have visions of being an International Film & Television Star – or if you just wants some laughs.

He’s one of us.  – Your buddy, Kowenhoven

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