Today's Hollywood

Everything is upside-down.

The cool people are deviant, selfish, use drugs, commit crime, cheat on their loved ones and engage in reckless and sociopathic behavior. People who attend services, play by the rules, live clean lives or honor their elders are ignorant chumps and mocked as buffoons.

When depicted in television and film, Liberals and Democrats are almost always the compassionate and humanitarian heroes, while conservative and Republican characters are the greedy, destructive and bigoted oppressors.

Yet, when you speak to people who actually have spent some time working in the entertainment business, they’ll describe to you an industry rife with avarice, misogyny and prejudice. Actresses both successful and unknown routinely describe the prevailing atmosphere in Hollywood as one of harassment and intimidation.

Liberals and the entertainment products they produce, scream racism every day of the year, yet nowhere will you find a more segregated and un-inclusive place to do business. Ask any gay in Hollywood and they’ll tell you what a homophobic and prejudice town Hollywood is.

Phony and deceptive bookkeeping practices in Hollywood are so legendary and prevalent, that even favorite son Michael Moore recently felt compelled to sue his producers for his fair share of profits. Although what a self-described anti-Capitalist cares about evil profits, I don’t know…

And sadly, over the past twenty-five years, the lion’s share of studio films about war much too often depict our military as deceptive, power hungry, fascist and expansionist, and the American soldier as bloodthirsty and murderous occupiers.

So what happened? I’ll tell you what happened – the hippies took over. Greedy hippies. Earth Day, Global warming, private jets and limos.

They scream about tax cuts for the rich, yet run off to Canada or Shreveport to make their next $100 million film because of the tax cuts (and the non-union labor). Through their entertainment platforms, these people routinely tell you how bad you are at raising your children because you dare to give them rules. You’re a fascist if you don’t want your child to do drugs or have sex with the neighbor’s kid.

Gone are the days when movie stars would proudly go off to war and stand shoulder to shoulder with their less famous brothers in arms, fighting for our freedoms, liberty and the American way of life. Gone are the family viewing hours when parents and their children could sit around the television and not be exposed to an onslaught of immoral and explicit behavior, graphic violence and vulgar language.

And gone are the weekends where it was simple to find a movie or four or five to drop the kids off to watch without fear of them being corrupted. Or worse. Yeah, I said it. Worse.