Every once in a generation an investigative reporter is launched into the political zeitgeist, using highly trained instincts, the time-honored tradition of following the money, hard-nosed persistence and some good old-fashioned hard work. Sweating the details, thinking outside the box…

You may not have heard of Sabrina Eaton of the Plain Dealer, but you will.

For in the midst of the chaotic, fog of war that is the elections of 2012, Eaton has uncovered a scandal so shocking, so integrate and complicated, that its mere existence will have consequences that reach deep into the abyss of campaign abuse and threaten to bring down an entire web of high-level deceit. Woodward and Bernstein, step aside, the mother of all ‘gates’ has been revealed: It’s “Wardrobe-gate;” and yes, it involves a plumber…

But in order to fully explain, I must first tell you the story of the woman who, with one email, brought this house of cards tumbling down into the light of justice. Her name: Sabrina Eaton. Her paper: The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Her mission: Get the Republican.

On July 17th, Eaton contacted Joe for Congress 2012 Communications Director, Phil Christofanelli, via email to clarify the glaring question in Joe’s six figure FEC filing: his $600 expenditure at Jos. A. Banks. Christofanelli explained that Joe did not own any business attire prior to running for Congress, thus the campaign purchased a few shirts and dress pants in order for Joe to attend certain campaign events.

While most journalists would have been fooled by this clever form of campaign spin, Eaton was undeterred and began to dig. Later that day she earned a major break. By delving deep into the intricacies of campaign finance rules,