Politics On Tap – The Do Nothing Tax

by Baron von Kowenhoven

In the entire history of government and taxation, this is nothing short of genius.

The Obama Administration with their new ally on The Supreme Court has revolutionized the way government can tax you. In addition to stuff you buy, now they tax things you don’t buy. Listen to Justice Roberts: “… the mandate is not a legal command to buy insurance, but rather, it makes going without insurance just another thing the Government taxes…”

Wow! So, ObamaCare is a “not having insurance tax”?‼

Let me get this straight: I didn’t drive to Starbucks this morning; but instead made some burnt, overpriced coffee at home, so the government did not get their usual gas tax. Can’t they just tax me for not buying gas now? … Brilliant!

Imaging the possibilities?

Not only are the prospects endless, the citizen doesn’t have to lift a finger. They’ve taken the decision-making process away from consumers and put it squarely into the hands of federal bureaucrats – where it belongs. Don’t want health insurance? No problem, we’re taxing you for not buying it.

Used to be you had to go through the complicated and burdensome process of purchasing something, or using a service in order to be taxed. Not anymore, baby. And why should politicians go through the painful process of creating and levying new taxes? They only get grief from us regular people. No, it doesn’t really matter what we do – OR DON’T do – right?

… Let’s see, what else am I going without?

Ah – I don’t have a Corvette, I don’t have snow boots, a plasma TV – or facial hair…

There’s a Not Having a Cool Car Tax, No UGGS Tax, Didn’t Buy a Big-screen Tax and (a progressive) Beardless Tax‼ My hats off to our new overlords, the Obama Administration.

… But since I don’t have a hat, yada yada…