A Presidential Race!

Hello everyone.

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in very interesting times.  It would be hard for anyone conscious not to notice, but for the few of you who haven’t recognized it yet, we *do.*

And in keeping with the “interesting” part of interesting, I’ve decided to comment a little here again.  From time to time.  As unobtrusively as possible and with as much sharpness and perspicacity as I can manage.  I can’t promise that I’ll be a “by the book” Conservative – everyone knows I’m not – but neither am I a discouraged “pragmatist.”

First topic:  Streiff’s front pager about the glass of water.  OH YEAH it was weird, but if anyone thinks it’s got legs, it doesn’t – because he and his children didn’t burst into Exorcist-style pustules.  So that whole thing is over, no matter how weird or disturbing it might have seemed.  It’s very bizarre, but the Democrats will never, ever blame him for it.  Perhaps a few people in his constituency will start questioning his judgment, which I think is very appropriate.

I don’t know how this is going to go.  I’m approaching it with a lot of respect and trepidation.  Let’s see how things work out in the next few months.

I have to say that it’s nice seeing several of you after all this time.  I’ll try not to mince words.  It’s a very important election and Boehner’s resignation was about 4 years too late.  But hindsight is 20/20.   I hope he gets some effective treatment and he lives a long and healthy life with his family and friends once he has really left Washington for good.

There are very few things more important to me in this election cycle than our 2nd Amendment rights.   It’s one area where I think I’ve been able to develop some important insights in the past couple of years, so I hope to be able to at least make a few intelligent comments about that subject.  I promise to try and think my answers through in that area in particular.

I hope everyone is doing well here at Redstate.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that after 6.5 years of Obama this country should be ready for some *positive* change, for a change.  Let’s see what we can do.


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