The Administration is About to Allow Iraq to Slide Into the Abyss

It’s a very short post, but here’s the news:

The Obama Administration, I think, is raising the Big Shiny Object of Iraqi failure just as Egypt is about to fall into the abyss:

Judging from the articles at the Financial Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, the pretext creation of “Iraq as Failure” has been ramped up to an extremely high volume. And guess who is the villain? All this is happening as Egypt is on the verge of a military coup d’etat. So much for the “Arab Spring.” But preemptive *blame deflection* is just incredible to watch.

Here are a few articles, all of which have appeared in the past 24 hours:



All of these opinion pieces have been launched in the past 24 hours, as Egypt itself – the centerpiece of Obama’s “splendid” Arab Spring agenda and the recent recipient of $250 million courtesy of John Kerry – is collapsing on itself.

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